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Pisear (Charming)
God and king of Persia. He has a poisoned spear named Aredbair (pron. Aradvar). Its blade is stored in a cauldron of water so that the heat from the spear does not melt down the city where it is kept. The god Lugh asked the Sons of Tuirenn: Sons of Fire to get it. Brían composed a poem where he asked for it by name. When Pisear would not give it to him he threw an apple at him which struck his forehead and jogged his brain. Brían and his brothers drew swords and hacked and killed their way to the cauldron for the sword. (102)

Small the esteem of any spear with King Pisear;
The battles of foes are broken;
No oppression to Pisear,–
Every one whom he wounds.

A yew tree, the finest of the wood,
It is called king without opposition;
May the splendid shaft drive on
Yon crowd into their wounds of death.
– The Fate of the Children of Tuirenn.

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