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Mogha Nuadhad, Mug Nuadat (Great One Born of the Yew Tree) Nynnyaw ap Beli (We, Us) Neith, Nudd Hael ap Senyllt, Nuadu Argat Lám, Nuada Airgatlám (Yew of Silver Hand) Ner Mac Ain, Nera, Nudens, Nudons §Nodens Mars, NVDI (Lord Creater, That Which Animates Everything)

(pron. NU ah, noo-ah-hah, NEETH) His hilltop shrine TEMPLVM MARTI NODENTIS at Lydney, Gloucester on the banks of the Severn: Summer is where he is depicted on a bronze plaque as a young, crowned, beardless god haloed like the sun, driving a 4 horse chariot, accompanied by flying wind spirits. Another piece of the bronze shows a triton with an anchor in 1 of his hands, and opposite him a fisherman in the act of hooking a fine salmon. He also has a 3rd century temple & baths there. The temple floor mosaic has marine animals. The inscription is a 9 inch round opening in the floor surrounded by a broad band of red enclosed in 2 of blue. The temple contains oars and shell trumpets. He is seen as a fish the people are worshipping on May Day in the 1973 movie version of The Wicker Man. He is the grandfather of Finn Mac Cumhail: The Sacred Salmon.

 Nuada: Solar Yew was the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann: People of the Water from Heaven who can take the form of a fish. At Cath Maigh Tuired: First Grain Harvest Plain of Frost, Solar Yew lost an arm to a Fomorian: Beneath the Sea Giant named Bres Sreng: Moon Embroiderer. (pron. BREHS SHARE-en) Ireland was divided into 2 equal parts at Esker Riada: Kings’ Hills: South Leath Mogha: Solar Yew’s Half, North Leath Cuinn: Conn’s Half.

 Solar Yew was replaced by Moon Embroiderer for 7 years. Solar Yew was restored after he was given a working silver: moon hand by the physician Dian Cecht & the wright Creidhne (1 of of the Trí Dée Dana, the 3 gods of art with Goibniu, Luchta: Moon Gleam) and later a flesh and blood one by Dian Cecht’s son Miach.

Solar Yew’s palace at Teamhair with 21,000 milk cows initially denied Lugh: Moon Gleam entrance, but abdicated in favor of Moon Gleam when Moon Gleam won a flagstone-throwing competition with Ogma: Egg. (Humpty Dumpty)
 Solar Yew was decapitated by Moon Embroiderer in the Cath Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest Plain of Frost which started on May Day. The Delbhna: Shapely People, had a branch called the Delbhna Nuadat: Shapely Yews in Co Roscommon. Magh-Nuadhad: Yew Plain (pron. Maynooth) is in Kildare: Church of the Oak
  In the Mabinogi: Intoxicating Tales of Youth: He is Nudd: Yew, the son of Beli: Sacred Tree. His brothers are Ludd: Moon Gleam, the next King: Llevelys: Cry: Stye on the Eye: King of Gaule, & Casswallawn: Lamb. He guards the Vale of Neith: Yew Valley & his son Gwynn ap Nudd: White Son of Yew is King of the Underworld (Welsh spelling of Finn). Nedd River, Breconshire named after him. He is equated with the god Ian: Sun. (102)
Nynniaw the son of Beli & Dôn rules as a king of Britain with his brother Peibaw. His field is the night sky. Peibaw’s cattle are the yellow stars. The moon is a shepherd who watches over them. They turn into oxen during a starry night. (275)
 As Nera he received the sword from Aillil: River Poem by encircling the foot of a dead man at the gallows with a band of willow twigs on Halloween. Passing a house with a lake of fire, another house, and a third house where the corpse drank water & killed the people spitting it out. The Greek Nereus, Halios Geron: Old Man of the Sea & Doris are the parents of the Nereids and have the gifts of prophecy. They live in a palace under the Aegean Sea where they dine on pink oyster flesh, the wine of sea grapes, nectar and ambrosia. (47, 51, 53, 58, 73, 76, 80, 124,150, 205)

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