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Segais Nechtán Mac Labraid, Nachtan Mac Namá (Descendant of the Waters) Norton (Pure)
(pron. NACHT-an, NYOCHT an) Water-god and husband of Bóann: Cow He controls the flow of water and rain into the multiverse. He is collector and keeper of life-forces to be redefined and sent back to life by the Dagda. He guards a sacred well with three of his brothers: Flesc, Lám and Luam. He often takes the form of an old merman with green hair, eyes of a pig, a red nose, and a long tail. His Fainne: Ring of Wisdom: provides divine wisdom to the wearer. Bóann walked counterclockwise around Sídhe Nechtan’s Well of Segais (pron. shee nax-un, Hill of Carbery, Co. Kildare) and the waters rose and drowned her. The path the river took afterwards is the Bruig na Bóinde: Milk River [Newgrange]. The well holds the sacred Nuts of Knowledge: crimson hazelnuts. Nine hazel trees of wisdom grow over the well & the nuts drop into the well causing bubbles of mystic inspiration. Saint Nechtán was sent on a nine month journey and his feast day is June 6th. He is called King of the Picts. (58, 97, 111)
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