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Kings: The Milesians: Honey Ones

Golamh, Galamh (Foreigner, Stranger) Mílesius, Milidh (Honey)The original name of Mílesius, a conqueror of Ireland who drove the Tuatha de Danaan: People of the Water from Heaven gods underground. He is one of twelve families who died of a plague in one day in Spain with King Uige & King Oige. Nikratj was a Milesian Greek settlement on the Canopic branch of the Nile in the Western Delta near Sais, the capital of the 26th Dynasty. North of Jerusalem, the streets of old Nablus have a Greek gridded street pattern, one street laid out along a meridian and another laid out latitudinally invented by Hippodamus of Miletus. (58, 129)
Hên Bedestyr (Old Birch) Bedwyr ap Seithved (Birch Grove Divine Son of the Seventh) Bedyw, Sir Bedevere (Birch Grove) Bedwini (Birch) Sinnoch ap Seithved (Surface Divine Son of the Seventh) Amren ap Bedwyr (Eye Son of Birch) Amynedd, Amyneddgar (Patient) Hir Amreu (Long Multipotent)(pron. a mø NEDH gar,HIHR-EH-TROOM, HEHN-BEHD-EHST-IHR) Welsh god who has one hand and is a very swift giant. His lance produces a wound equal to the wound of nine lances. Yspadadden threw three poisoned stone spears. He caught the first one and threw it back. Another spear pierced him through the knee and made it hard for him to climb up hills. He is buried on Mount Tryfan, above Llyn Ogwen (Lake White Egg): Excalibur Lake: The Black Book Englynion y Beddau. He was sent by Arthur with his brother Eiddil to get the blood of the Dark Black Witch, daughter of the Pale White Witch, at the cave of the Valley of Sorrow after Cacamwri: Great Burdock and his brother Hygwydd: Continued Presence failed. The hags beat them soundly.Two Welsh brother gods who feast, and drink all day. When they make a visit they devour everything. (73, 75, 82)
Uala, Uallachán, Houlihan, Eallach (Proud) Uaill (Elation) Uallgarg (Fierce Pride) Ulad (Noble) Cur, Curir Ulad, Cuirithir, Uny ap Urmi (Setting Stone, Stone Tomb)(pron. OOL-ach-awn, OOL-garg, ULLA, KEER, KEER-a-heer) Mílesian god who is a huge red-pelted man with his own farm: Houlihan’s Barn with pigs. Llyr’s green salt magic turned him into a swan. He was killed by Goll Mac Morna: One Eye in the epic Tain Bo Cuailgne: Cattle Raid of Cooley. He is the king of Uladh: Ulster who volunteered to go into Cronn’s stream to see if the Connacht: Clear Water Warriors would be able to cross it He put a rock on his back and the goddess Cronn sent him back dead with the stone attached to his back. He is buried at Lía Ualla: Ualla’s Stone next to the stream. He gave Ulster its name. Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound threw an apple core at him and his head split open. His father is Urmi / Fiatach. (80, 124, 151)
Láeg, Lóeg, Laighlinni, Laoghaire, Lailoken, Laidcenn, Laidgenn, Laidhgeann (Snow-Head)(pron. LAYG, LEEREE, LEE-gan) God and charioteer of the giant Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound. He is a prophet whose brother is Ith [Hunger for Fertility]. The Milesians were from Armenia originally and ruled the kingdom of Scythia. They arrived in Ireland from Spain. (58, 69, 80)
Edern ap Nudd (Reaver) Hir Eiddyl, Eidyol, Eudaf, Eiddil ap Ner (Long Slender) Eiddon, Iddon (Embroiler) Iddawc Cordd Prydain ap Myno, Ith Mac Bregon (Hunger for Fertility, Crane of Milk Goddess Country)(pron. ITH-ah-ook, HIHR-ER-OOM) God of thieves & fertility who can take the form of a heron. He appears to the god Rhonabwy in a dream with black hair, blue-eyes, tall, lean & muscular wearing a broom-yellow satin coat with fir-green silk lining, yellow satin scarf with green silk embroidery and gold-hilted sword. He rides a chestnut horse with grey fore and hind legs. He rules the men of Denmark, lives in a great tower in Spain. (a synonym for Land of the Dead) and decided to go Ireland He was killed by the Tuatha de Dannan: People of the Water from Heaven gods and his body taken back to Spain. His children decided to take vengeance by conquering Ireland and thus began the Mílesian invasion. His brother is Laeg. As a priest he wears robes of white, blue, and purple & is the consort of Fiann a.k.a Viviane. He killed sixty Saxons with a tree branch at the plot of Stonehenge between sunset and dark. Ithaca is named after him. In The Odyssey Ulysses is the king of Ithaca. His wife is Penelope and their son Telemachus. (52, 58, 71,75, 77, 87)

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