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Kings: C:

Cormac Mac Art, Cormac ap Skeggi, Cormac mac Cuilennáin (Raven, Sickle)
(pron. KOHR-mahk) Clean-shaven giant with flaxen hair in a fillet, large glittering, sparkling eye, ruddy skin, even teeth, silver brooch & gold-hilted sword. His daughter Gráinne: Sun has 9 daughters who live in open homes called griánnon - sun houses at his palace. Cathbad: Grain Cauldron put a geasa: taboo on him when he was born. He was forbidden to listen to Craiphtine: Crackling Fire’s ’s hole-headed lute; hunt birds at Mag Dá Cheo: Plain of 2 Mists; drive horses over ash; swim with Loch Ló’s birds; tryst with a woman in the Otherworld of Seo-áth Mór; hunt animals on Mag Sainb or cross the Shannon River with dry feet. He violated all of these & Anlón Mac Maga: Abundant Food Son of Fertile Plain of Doiche took his head to Athlone.

The Adventures of Cormac Mac Art: He exchanged his wife Eithne: Seed and 2 sons [Carpre: Soul Carrier, Tuirenn: Flame] for Manannan’s glittering silver faery branch with 9 red apples [other stories: 3 gold apples] that puts wounded men and women to sleep, but relented and went to retrieve them. On the border of Manannan’s misty plain he saw horsemen thatching a house with bird feathers unsuccessfully [those who seek fortune & leave their house bare], a youth endlessly trying to light a fire [those who labor for others & never warm themselves] & 3 wells with heads where each mouth forms the head of another. [1st Head: 2 streams out of the mouth & 1 stream flowing in: those who give freely & get little, 2nd head: 1 stream out & 1 flowing in: those who give when they get, 3rd Head: 3 streams flowing out: those who get much and give little]

Manannan: Son of the Sea & his wife clad in many colors cooked him wild boar from 7 regenerating boars that can feed the world & drink from the 7 white cows with endless milk. They gave him a golden cup that splits lies into 4 pieces and unites truths, a tablecloth of endless food, and his family. He went to sleep and woke up at Teamhair. In Cormac’s 10-century Glossary the alder is called ro-eim, which glosses as that which reddens the face; from which it may be deduced the crimson-stained heroes of the Welsh Triads, who were sacred kings, were connected with Brân: Raven’s alder cult. Alder used for milk pails.

 The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald, he is dark-haired, with black eyes and a curly lock on his forehead His brother is Thorgils. They are the sons of the goddess Dalla ab Onund the Seer and they live in Mel. He is the consort of the goddess Steingerd who takes the form of a golden raven and talks about the reapers in harvest of the goddess Hilda. He built the castle of Scarborough. His son is Ogmund and he arranges Ogmund’s marriage to Helga, sister of the god Bersi. (59:2, 71, 126, 279)

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