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Queens: T

Tamora (Silver Fir) Tamara (Spiced Palm Tree) Tamesis, Tameobrigus (Dark) Tamise Rospaen
In Shakesphere’s Titus Andronicus, Act 2 Scene 3, Tamora the Goth queen exclaims: No sooner had they told this hellish tale\ But straight they told me they would bind me here\ Unto the body of a dismal yew(pron. tah-MAHR-ah) Goddess of the hearth, home, beneficial fire, priestly knowledge [she is advisor of Arthur], and civilizations. She is a weaver and her symbol is the tabby cat. She is a Canaanite virgin goddess in the bible who was born by David and raped by his son Amnon. Her brother Absalom killed him. In Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, she is queen of the Goths who falls in love with Aaron, a Moor. In the Russian form she defeats a sea witch. In Enys Tregarthen’s Pixie Folklore and Legends Tamara is an only child of a couple of gnomes living in the interior of the Morwenstow hills who grows up to be a beautiful gnome maiden. Tamara is given a magical harp, and when she plays it she hears the voice of the Rainbow Jewel, which was shattered into 7 pieces. Tamara leads the others to Rainbow Falls where she can restore the jewel, but Cael has followed Her rivers are: Thames, England, Tamise, Belgium. Tamar, boundary between England and Cornwall. (71, 77, 89, 98, 102, 210)

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