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Les Dames Bleues (The Blue Ladies) Demoiselles Bleutées (Daughters of the Rays of the Sun) Selingen Fraülein (Ice Virgins) Wilden Jungfraüen (Mountain Faeries) Schneefraülein (Snow Queen)

(pron. lay DAHM BLUH) The snow queen lives in a kingdom of light surrounded by eternal ice. She is beautiful with a body of ice and hair as white as snow that sparkles with hoar frost. To woo mortal lovers she must put an ice crystal in their heart so that the gates of oblivion will open and they will survive the cold of her palace. In the stories the ice crystal melts and the sleeper flees. She chases him as an eagle, a salmon, stoat, and as a gust of wind into the abyss. Her icy kiss transforms him into an ice giant. They are the daughters of the rays of the sun and they have pretty shimmering wings of gold and pink. They dress in the blue shadows of snow and live in the Alps. They plant flowers on the slopes of the mountain, bring mountain goats back to safety, make grass grow, sweeten milk, and teach shepherds the arts of medicinal herbs and love. Brown haired Dive is one sister who lives on the Italian side of the mountain, Fhrön lives on the Swiss side and Dalien: Dalley: Dahlia on the Austrian side. Their consorts are the Waldzergen, Nörgen, Lurgan / Lörgenn. (197)
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