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Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen Continued

Culhwch arrived at Arthur’s hall, had his hair trimmed with silver shears, and invoked the name of Olwen in the name of many gods and goddesses, including the Goddess Creiddylad: Jewel of the Sea, daughter of Lludd the silver-handed, who was the most magestic maiden in the islands of Britain and for her that the Gods Gwythyr: Angry Man and Gwyn ap Nudd: White One Divine Son of the Mist fight every May-day until the end of time.
 Culhwch, Arthur and his warriors finally arrived at fort of Ysbaddaden the giant. The shepard told them noone seeking Olwen had ever come back alive, but after giving him a gold ring, his wife told them she would send for Olwen if he promised not to harm her. He promised and later proposed to Olwen, but Olwen told him she could not marry until she spoke with her father, he asked for her hand in marriage at her father’s palace, and did whatever her father asked. Her father would live only if she was single. (3)

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