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The Legend of Lludd & Lleuelys End

Llud returned home and summoned the people. He broke the vermin up in water and sprinkled it on everyone. All the Coraniaid folk were destroyed while the Britons survived unharmed. He then measured the island and found the middle point to be Oxford. He dug a hole, filled it with mead, and placed a silk cloth over it. The invading dragon fought the native dragon until both were exhausted. They spied the mead, drank it, and fell asleep satiated. Llud wrapped the dragons in the cloth and placed them in a stone chest. He then prepared a great feast and put a vat of cold water beside him to keep from falling asleep on his vigil. When the sorceror arrived, they fought ferociously until the sorceror was conquered and became part of the court. The three oppressions were gone and Llud ruled the island of Britain peacefully. (3)

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