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The Book of Invasions 3

The Túatha dé Danaan ( pron. TOO-tha day DAH-noo), the divine race, arrived from the sky. They brought four treasures: the Lia Fáil: Stone of Destiny, that would roar in confirmation of the rightful monarch; the spear of Lugh: Raven, sword of Nuadha: That Which Animates Everything and the Cauldron of the Dagda: Good. A cauldron that would feed a army of warriors and never be empty. The Túatha defeated the Fir Bolg and Fomorians at the Battle of Magh Tuiredh: Plain of Frost (pron. moy TOO-rah). King Nuadha (pron. Noo-a-ha) assumed leadership, was deposed, reinstated, and conquered by Lugh (pron. LOO).

At the second battle at Magh Tuiredh King Lugh killed his grandfather Balor: Sun, leader of the Fomorians, and banished them. Cian: Weep (pron. KEE-an), Lugh’s father, was murdered by the Sons of Tureinn: Fire: (pron. TEER-en) Brían: Flame, Iuchar: Key & Iucharba: Love. (1, 4, 11)

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