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The Book of Invasions 2

The Nemedians rebelled, drove the Fomorians back to their northern fortress on Inis Toraigh: Tory Island: Pig Island and laid siege to it. The king of the Fomorians, Conann: Sense, hid in his tower of glass, but came out to do battle and was killed. The Nemedians under King Britan: White Cow migrated to the eastern island and named it Britain. Others fled to Greece.

The Fir Bolg: Men of the Bags arrived from Greece. They were called Men of the Bags because they were slaves in Greece and were forced to carry heavy bags. The sons of the chieftan Dela: Visible One divided Ireland and established the five provinces of Ireland: Cœige Mumhan /Munster/Dalcassi Mumhan: Sun, Cœige Laighin /Leinster: Raven (from Gaule), Cœige Ulaidhe/Ulster: Noble, Araide Connachta/Connaught: Sense and na Mí or Meath: Honey (pron. MUHN-stir KOOGI MOON, LEN-stir KOOGI lie-un , ULL-stir KOOGI OLOO, KON-aht KUNUKHTU, and mih heh) The Gailion and Fir Dhomhnann : Dark Men were tribes of the Fir Bolg that helped. Tuan turned himself into an eagle. (1, 11, 22)

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