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The Book of Invasions (Leabhar Gabhála)

Tells how Ireland was populated. The original settlers, descendants of Noah’s grandaughter Cessair: Sea Pollen (pron. kessir), were killed in the flood; except for Fintan: White Fire (pron. fyoon-tun) who changed himself into a salmon. He lived with a race of giants called the Fomorians (pron. foh-WAWR-ih-ans or fo-vor-ee-ans, “Those who live under the sea”) until the Partholonians: Shape of a Woman from Greece arrived.

The Partholonians: Shape of a Woman were killed by a plague, except for Partholón’s nephew Tuan: Fire who changed himself into a stag, and the Nemedians: Sacred Grove People from Scythia arrived next. The Fomorians: Those Who Live Under the Sea killed their leader Nemed (who was Tuan’s cousin) and demanded two thirds of the Nemedian children, crops, and milk every Samhain: End of Summer as payment. (1, 11)

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