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Faery Places

Tír na n-óg, Gwlad Ieuenctid (Land of Youth, Land of Never-Ending Youth) Tir na Mhiann na Chridhe (Land of Heart’s Desire)

There is no hunger
And no thirst
In the Hollow Land,
In the Land of Youth.

– SHARP: Immortal Hour.

(TEER nah n’OH-G, cherr na VEE-awn nah KREE-yuh) Located far off in the Western Sea. The delightful country under the sun with bright skies, bright lakes and waterfalls. Green fields full of apple, peach, and orange trees bear fruit, blossoms, and green leaves all year round. Cows are in abundance. Flocks of sheep have fleece of gold. There is a wood, glittering palaces of diamonds and jewels, and a castle on a lawn. The people are forever young and have unfading beauty.

The golden palace is covered with gems of every color: blue, green, crimson and yellow. On the sides of the palace are grianáns: sunhouses shining with precious stones. The King wears a bright yellow satin robe studded with gems and a crown sparkling with gold and diamonds. Copper-haired Queen Lí Ban: Beauty of Women (pron. lee vahn) clad in a sea-blue gown has 100 lovely young maiden attendants. She and her sister Fand: Teardrop of Beauty (pron. FAWN) take the form of two birds bound together with a chain of gold and appear later at night. Fand in a crimson mantle and Líban in a green mantle. She can also take the form of a mermaid with the fish body of a salmon. Princess Niamh’s harpers play. Ném, Néamh, Niamh: Radiant Beauty (pron. NEEV or nee-ahv) enters the mortal world on a white horse shod with golden horseshoes through Loch Lein for Oisin: Little Fawn, offering him the golden diadem of kingship. She wears a slender golden diadem on her long glossy golden ringleted hair, a brown silk robe with red-gold stars fastened with a golden brooch, and a green mantle with stars of gold. She has clear harebell blue eyes, small white hands, a white bosom and ruddy cheeks. She carries the coat of mail that cannot be pierced, a sword that never misses a stroke from which noone ever escaped alive. Oisin falls in love with her calling her the star of brightness. When Oisín stayed there three hundred years passed by in 10 days. [Worlds List] (54, 133, 255)

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