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Kings: U

Úgaine Mór, Íugaine (Great Lamb) Uigrean, Uirgriu (Prize) Crimthann Cass, Crebhán, Criofan (Fox)
(pron. KREE-fan, KREH-VAN) Mílesian King of Ireland and consort of the goddess Nair: Red Alder. He is an Eithiopian King with dark skin, curly hair and a golden diadem. His son is Roimid. He returned with treasures from the Immortal world Later he was slain by Fionn Mac Cumhail. His five sons sook revenge and killed him. (24, 58, 71)

...For to her mind he was the sunlight in the sun, the brightness in the moonbeam; he was the savour in fruit and the taste in honey..

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