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Wella (Behold) Gweltaz ap Trephina (The Vision Son of the Triple White Goddess) Gilda, Gildas (Yield Divine Son of Nine) Gilcas (Yielding, Fermenting Grain) Tremeur (Observer) Gwêl (The Sight or Vision) Gwelling (Benediction)
(pron. WEL-ah , GWAYL-tahs, GIL-dahs) Fomorian god of wisdom beheaded by Nemedian Semeon Mac Starn in the Book of Invasions. He was born in Clyde: Raven Valley and is one of the twenty-four sons of Caw: Cream, King of a small Scottish kingdom driven into exile in Anglesey. Gildas mastered the seven liberal arts under his tutor Illtud at Llanilltud Fawr and spent seven years studying in Gaule. He is a bell-maker and gave bells to Kea and Brigid. He gave a golden ball and a bell to Caddoc: Soul Carrier a ring which would change color when in mortal danger to his mother and resuscitated her. 6th century monk / saint who wrote The Destruction of Britain and blamed the Welsh for allowing the Anglo-Saxons to overrun the country. His feast day is January 29th. His brother is Hueil: Sun. (73, 102, 230)
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