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Roigne Mac Úgaine (Son of Lamb) Rómit Rígoinmít, Roimid
Mílesian god who is a poet and jester for Conchubar Mac Nessa. His brother is Mal. (102)
O noble son of Úgaine
How does one arrive at knowledge of Ireland,
The conquest of its company?
Before they overflowed Scythia,
They reached the host-king of Shinar (Babylonia);
They approached Egypt,
Where Cingcris was extinguished,
So that a great troop was destroyed,
Who died in the Red Sea.
They flowed through a space very faithful,
With Pharoah fought;
Niul contracts with Scota,
The conception of our fathers.
They took the name Gaedels,
The name of Scots spreads,
The fair daughter of Pharoah.
They overspread lands,
Burst into Scythia.
‘Here before them, to the east outside’, said Crom Deroil

I saw a band of them. One man in their midst, with a black, pointed thick head of hair, having large, subtle, all-white eyes in his head, and a smooth-blue Ethiopian countenance; a ribbed garment in folds about him; a brazen clasp in his garment over his breast; a large bronze wand in his hand, and a melodious little bell beside him, which he touches with his wand before the host, so that it gives pleasure and delight to the High-King and to the whole host.

‘Who is he?’ said Aillil

‘That is the royal jester Roimid, Conchobar’s jester. There never was fatigue or sorrow on any man of the Ulstermen that he would heed, if only he saw the royal jester Roimid’. – Mesca Ulad: The Intoxication of the Ulstermen.

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