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Kings: M

Maconmara, Macnamara (Divine Son of the Clear Sea) Machonna, Mahon, Mac Mahon (My Wolfhound)
(pron. mah-XAW-nuh) A giant who obtained supernatural powers of clairvoyance and prophesy by stealing a magic stone from a raven’s nest. He lost his powers when his horse died. He can clear the space of a mile in one step & wears an iron dress. He was was turned into a saint. Feast day - Nov. 12. He stole the seven year old blue-eyed, fox-colored haired Philip from his parents Maurice Ronayne & Margaret Gould at Roynane’s Court, Ireland. Philip, named after the King of Spain, came to Robin Kelly in a dream on a white horse, and told Robin his seven year apprencticeship to Mahon was up and struck him with a horseshoe so he would be convinced the dream was real. Robin went through the Cóbh Corc (pron. cove cork): Cork Harbor towns of Glaun a Thowk: The Hawk’s Glen to Monkstown, rowed with Tom Clancy to Carrigaloe, Great Island to Machonna’s home at the Giant’s Stairs, masses of limestone rocks piled into steps from deep water off the cliff of Carrigmahon: Mahon’s Rock. The deep water is called Loch Mahon: Mahon’ Lake. To reach Machonna’s internal palace a porch rotates out from the water. Inside are carvings of grim faces blended where the chin of one forms the nose of the other and if stared at long enough an eye becomes the mouth of another and a forehead becomes a beard. Inside the winding passageways Mahon sat with other giants at a stone table, where his beard had taken root and turned into a stone slab. When he got up to meet Robin it shattered into a thousand pieces. Inside his hallway he presented Robin rows of beautiful children all seven years old and dressed in green. When Mahon crushed the plough-iron Robin carried in his hand; Philip was able to make a noise amidst the children’s laughter and Robin selected him. Robin and the child were transported to the entrance of the giants stairs into a grey morning. The child had not aged at all, grew into old age, and became a master brass and iron-smith. Monkstown itself was established by the Legan Abbey Order of Benedictine Monks on the western shore of the river Lee in Cóbh Corc: Cork Harbor in the 14th century. Monkstown castle was built in 1636, by Eustace Gould who forfeited it in the Revolution of 1688. ‘Numerous raths: wombs, are scattered over the parish; and on an elevated situation a circle of very large stones, partly sunk in the earth, and placed upright, are supposed to be the remains of a druidical altar. Crystals of Irish diamond, very clear and transparent, are occasionally found here; and there is a chalybeate spring.’ – Lewis’ Topographical Directory of Ireland. Place-Names: Magh Tamhnach: Plain of the Tree Stumps (pron. Mahoonagh), 13th Century: Maccaveni, 1288: Moycarenagh, 15th Century: Eaglais na Manach: Church of the Monks (pron. Aglish), 1598: Mahoonagh Castle [Fitzgeralds],1654-56 Civil Survey: Mahownagh, Mahoonagh, 18th Century: Castlemahon, Limerick, Ireland (54, 58, 71, 243, 244)
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