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Kings: I

Iárdanél, Iarbonel, Iarbanel Mac Nemed (Western Cloud)
One of the 3 sons of the god Nemed: Sacred Grove who escaped alive from battle. He is the ancestor of the Túatha: Water from Heaven gods. His brother Starn is the ancestor of the Firbolg gods. (58)

Ilbrech Ua Lir, Ilbreg Ua Lir, Ilbhreach (Speckled Desire Descendant of Shore, Trout Descendant of Shore)
God who rules Sídh Eas Aedh Ruaidh the mound of Mullachshee near Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. (58, 73)

Inloth Mar (Great Sea)
God slain by the god Echbél. (58)

Innsna (From the Island)
God and one of the Fianna: White warriors. (58)

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