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Kings: G

Gíona Mac Lugha, Geena Mac Luga (Greed Divine Son of Light)

Gwawl ap Clûd (Light Divine Son of Gleam) Gwawrddur Cyrfach (Dawn) Cedarn, Cadarn (Powerful) Gwallawg ap Lleenawg (Light)

He charged before three hundred of the finest,
He cut down both centre and wing,
He excelled in the forefront of the noblest host,
He gave gifts of horses from the herd in winter.
He fed black ravens on the rampart of a fortress
Though he was no Arthur.
Among the powerful ones in battle,
In the front rank, Gwawrddur was a palisade.
– Y Gododdin

God and leader of the Fianna: White Ones. He is considered slothful, selfish, and boastful. Finn teaches him the maxims of the Fianna (6, 145, 146)

(pron. GOO-owl) God who is blonde, handsome, and sullen. One of the three grave slaughtering ones who avenges wrongs from the grave with Sel: Trinity and Afaon: River. Bethrothed to the goddess Rhiannon; she did not want to marry him and when he came to get her the god Pwyll tricked him into entering a magic bag of plenty, where he was beaten with sticks until he agreed to call off the engagement. This was called The Badger in the Bag. His sons are: Nerthach, Duach: Dark / Lugh and Grathach. (52, 72, 75)

Gnathach: one of the three Druids of the Firbolgs who broke the enchantment laid upon them by Badb, Macha, and Morrigu, Ingnathach: The other.

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