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Fáinnle Mac Nechtain, Fannel (Swallow)

The reason why he bears that name is that as it were a fáinnle: swallow or a weasel, even so for swiftness he travels on the water’s surface, nor can the whole world’s swimmers attempt to cope with him

Pagan robbers bestowed upon thee the crown of martyrdom, O righteous Foillan, for thy life was a reproach to the impious and cruel men. Having laboured with thy holy brother, our Father Fursey, in East Anglia and later in the Netherlands, pray to God for us, we beseech thee, that both in word and deed our lives may be a missionary witness, that we may be found worthy of His great mercy. – Dismissal Hymn Tone 8: Saint Foillan of Fosses — 31 October / 13 November.

God and youngest son of Nechtan: Descendant of the Waters He is part of the Boy Corps of Ulster and carries people across the Callan river. He and his brothers heads were decaptitated by Cú Chúlainn: Hazel Hound. His brothers are: Foil or Foillan: Slow & Tuachell: Winding Against the Sun

Furbaidhe Mac Conchubar, Forbaí, Follaman, Frassach, Frossach, Fursu, Fursa, Fursey (Rainshower)
(pron. FUR-sa, FRAS-ach, FRUS sach) God who carries the Oak Spear: Darach Morghath that has 3 powers: it can transform wounded men into oak, restore oaken men to human form and command them to service, and when set in the ground will transform instantly into a great oak. He commanded the Boy Corps of Ulster that was slain by the goddess Medb: Mead. He killed his aunt Medb Cruachan: Red Intoxicating One in retaliation for her killing his mother with a slingshot. He became an abbot of a monastery in Fintan-Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. He fell into a trance and, according to Saint Bede, quit his body from evening till cock-crow and was found worthy to behold the chorus of angels in Heaven. He then went to Péronne, Picardy, France and was received by Clovis, at his Erconwald palace. He is entombed there. 4 years later, when the body was buried near the altar, it was found to be completely free from decomposition. His monastery is at Lagny, outside Paris. Fursey died c. 648 at Mazerolles, where he had once miraculously restored a nobleman’s son to life. (53, 58, 80, 129, 189, 219)

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