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Kings: F

Fergal Mac Máile Dúin, Feargal, Fer Fogel, Fer Gel (Valiant Man)

Nuadha Ua Lomthuili cecinit:—
As an omen of the destruction of Almhain’s day,
Contending for the cows of Bregh-magh,
A red-mouthed, sharp-beaked raven
Croaked over Fergal’s head.
The trophies of noble Almhain were the prostrate,
Entreating a respite from each element;
Including seven mighty thousands,
The band of great Fergal, son of Maelduin.
A hundred prosperous chieftains died,
Powerful, sumptuous, festive;
Along with seven furious lunatics,
And seven thousand armed men.

(pron. FAYR-gal) God who fought Ulster warriors at the fortress of Almu. He was slain and his head was cut off. His enemies washed his head, dressed the hair and put it on a pike. The severed head of Donn Bó: Black Cow; next to it sung praises to Fergal: Valiant Man. Surnames: Fargher, Faragher, Mac Fearghoir (58, 100, 189)

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