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Kings: B

Brastias (Warden of the North)
Welsh god and captain of King Arzhur. He sailed across the English Channel with letters for Kings Ban: White Boar of Benwick: Young Sow and Bors: Boar of Gaule, overcoming King Claudas: Raven’ eight minions on the way. The two kings arrived in London with 300 knights at All Hallowmass. Kay: Cream the seneschal (a steward in charge of a royal palace or a nobleman’s estate in the Middle Ages. Seneschals often had the powers of judges or generals). received the prize for beating up the most frogs, along with Sir Lucas the butler and Griflet the butler’s assistant. Ladinas, Gracian and Placidas (frogs) came second. Merlin set off to France with King Ban: White Boar’s ring, and Gracian and Placidas, returned with 10,000 horsemen which he hid at Bedegraine Castle in Sherwood Forest where the three kings joined them.

Brathach ap Gwawrddu (Son of the Dawn)
Welsh god. (73).

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