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Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen Continued

Culwch and his army proceeded to the King’s hall. Ysbaddaden hurled a poisoned spear at them and told them he must consult his ancestors before releasing Olwen. The next day Ysbaddaden demanded the following items before Olwen could be married: his field cleared, plowed, and sown in one day, honey nine times sweeter than the honey of the first swarm out of a hive, Llwyr’s: Grove’s cup, Gwyddneu Garanhir: Crane-like One’s hamper, Gwlgawd’s horn, Teirtu’s harp, Rhiannon’s birds, Diwrnach: Day’s cauldron, the head of Odgar mac Aodh of Ireland, a magical boar’s tusk, the blood of the goddess Hel’s daughter, the cup to keep it in, Rhinnon’s vessel, Twrch Trwyth’s comb and shears, a puppy, a leash, the god Mabon with horse and kinsman, Gwyn ap Nudd: The White God and his horse, the King of Brittany, King Dyfed’s son, two magical hounds, three warriors with magical weapons and their entourage, and Wrnac: Expansion’s sword. This was all to be done without sleep and Culhwch went forth to complete the missions. (3)

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