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Cœige Laighin [koogi lie-un]: Raven Place: Leinster Province, Ireland

Ceanannas Mór or Ceills (Preservers of Fire)
(pron. KELLS) County na Mí: Honey, Ireland. (pron. mih heh) Has monastic remains of a round tower, stoned-roofed building, and the Patriccii et Columbae Crux: Cross of Patrick and Columba with four other stone crosses. In 807 AD Monks created The Book of Kells. (3, 2)
County Longford a.k.a County Annaly: Bright Water from Heaven, Ireland. Saint Patrick built the church whose foundation established the village in the fifth century. He consecrated bishop of Fíacc, the Fair, a pupil of the poet Dubthach. The cup & paten Patrick gave to Fíacc are at the church. Patrick founded churches in the ancient kingdoms of Ailech & Oriel. (12)

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