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Saint Patrick’s Vision
Saint Patrick was enslaved in the Kingdom of Dal Ríada for six long years. He herded pigs on the mountainside and prayed often. One night he was resting by a rock and in his own words: ...“I had a dream in which I heard a voice saying to me, You are right to fast, soon you will be returning to your own country. And once again, after only a short while, I had the response to this mysterious dream for I was told, Come and see, where your ship is waiting for you. Not that it was near at hand, rather it was two hundred miles away, in a place I had never seen before where I knew not a single soul. And that’s what happened; a little time later, I turned on my heel and ran away, leaving behind the man to whom I had been bound for six years.” (1, 35, 36, M, C)
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