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Miracle of the Pigs
Saint Patrick was escaping slavery in Ireland and met a ship. He paid his passage with money, but on arrival to land there was no food to be found. The leader said to Saint Patrick: “....What have you to say for yourself, Christian? You boast that your God is all-powerful. So why can’t you pray for us, you know how badly hunger threatens us; its beginning to look as if we may not survive to see another living soul. But I told them with great confidence, Turn trustingly to the Lord who is my God and put your faith in him with all your heart, because nothing is impossible to him. On this same day, he will send us food sufficient for our journey, because for him there is abundance everywhere. And with the help of God that is how things turned out. Suddenly, we saw a herd of pigs right before our very eyes, Seeming to block our path. Wasting no time, they killed a very great number...” (4, 35, 36, M, C)

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