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The Rapture
...And on another night, I do not know, only God knows, whether in me or outside myself; I heard the most wise words which as yet I could not comprehend. Except that right at the very end of that prayer, one them called out: He who gave his own soul for you, He it is who now speaks within your soul. And at that, I woke up full of joy. And once again, I saw him praying within my soul; it seemed as if I was still inside my body, and then I heard him above me, that is, over my inner man. ...He declared that it was the Spirit. (36, C)
Miracle of the Fish
Saint Patrick was tempted to eat meat during his religious training in France and hid some pork. An angel was sent to comfort him and told him to bring out the hidden meat and plunge it into water. The meat turned into fish and they swam away.

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