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Saint Patrick’s Opposition
Mílchú mac ú Buain, King of Dal Ríada (modern Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Saint Patrick’s former master, killed himself by walking into his home and setting it on fire, rather than converting to the Christian religion. (5, 18, M)

Saint Patrick’s Fire
Saint Patrick traveled to Teamhair and lit the first Paschal fire on the Hill of Slane on the eve of the Druid spring festival Bealtaine (pron. BYELL-ten-uh), which forbade fire lighting. King Loegaire (pron. LEER-EE) was outraged. He remained pagan. (Version 1: Nine chariots were sent against the saint, circling to the sun’s path, but they could not extinguish the fire. Version 2: Chariots came and a storm sent them over a cliff.) (5, 9, 18, 35, 37, M)

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