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Irish Legends: The Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol II: The Importance of History

II: Gaelige

Is í in Stair, fa stiuir fessa, na fessa, na foirfessa, tána, togla, tricha scél, ocus tri fichit foiscél.

In bérla tebidi tric, ro lesaig Gáedel glan-glic, úathad do síl Gáedil gairb duine ca mbeith a fir-ainn.

“Gáidelg” aderaid sin fris lucht aineólais is ainbfis: ní nesa do Gáedel glic inas do cach elv oirrdric.(23)

II: English

This is History, it was a rudder of knowledge, the sciences, the extra sciences, forays, captures, thirty sagas, and three-score subordinate sagas.

The select vivacious language, which Gaedel the pure and cunning improved, few of the seed of rough Gaedel are the men who may know its real name.

“Gaedelg” - they call it so, people who are ignorant and have no knowledge: no nearer to cunning Gaedel than to any conspicuous notable. (23)

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