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Irish Legends: The Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol II: The Four Divisions of Gaelic

II: Gaelige

Ceithri randa ráiter dé for suidi na Gáedilge: Canóin, Gramadach, is Stair, ocus Rím co n-a ro-bail.

Is í in Chanóin, ní cheleb, Senchus Mó, Bretha Nemed - Nochosdérna duine dó - Ái Chermna Á Chano.

Is í in Gramadach a nglond na trí cháicait cráeb-ogom, na rémenna, réim nena, is na duili deig-feda. (23)

II: English

It is said that it has four divisions among scholars of the Gaedelic: Canons, Grammar, and History, and Prosody with its great prosperity.

This is Canons, I shall not conceal it, the Great Story, the Judgments of Nemed - no man made it for him- The Science of Cernma and the Science of Cano.

This is Grammar of the achievements, the thrice fifty branching Oghams, the declensions, the row of the letter, and the books of a good wood. (23)

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