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Irish Legends: Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol II: The Four Names of the Language

II: Gaelige

Mad áil dam a rád fri cách co roib co follus in fáth, at iat - re ngarmann can gai- ceithri hanmann in bérlai.

“Ticcoladh” a Heabra ard, is “Moloth” a Gréig glé-garg, “Legulus” a Laidin le, “Tinóiltech” ara féine.

Gebe bess for a n-iarair, etir dáescair is diamair, is iat sin can time tra anmann binde in bérla.(23)

II: English

Were I to desire to say to everyone that the matter was evident, here are - with which they name it without falsehood the four names of the language.

“Ticcolath” in lofty Hebrew, “Moloth” in Greek bright and rough, “Legulus” therewith in Latin, “Tinoiltech” among its people.

Whoever he be who should be seeking them, whether lowly or obscure, those, indeed, without fear are the tuneful names of the language. (23)

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