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Irish Legends: The Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol II: Míl in Egypt

II: Gaelige

Anaiss trá Miled mac Bile ocht mbliadna in Éigipt ro foglaindseat a muinnnter prímdána indti .i. Sétga Sobairchi, Surige fri sáirse, Mantan, Caicher, Fulman fri druidheacht. Batar buadlaind batar brethemnaigh in triar aile, .i. Goiscen, Amargen, donn: batar cathbúadhaig in triar aile, .i. Milid, Occe, Ucce...

...Ocus robái ingen ig Forand .i. Scota a hainm-sidéin, ro chuindig Mílidn in ingen sin, tug Forand dó hi: rue in Scota sin dá mne dhó, .i. Aimirgein Glúngeal Éimir a h-anmanda. Is andain ro indarb Alaxandair rí in domain in Forand sin, ór nír bo rírach dó hé, ro díchair san Eithióip ndeisceartaig budeas he: ro cumdaiged cathair la Halacandar in Éigipt í ndíchar Foraind dhó, .i. Alaxandria a hainm...

...(Míled) Dosfáinegh gáeth mór, bertais sair isin n-aigen, seach Indniam, seach Cirord, seach Golgardaina, seach Indber nGaind d’inis Tibra Faine, anaid mí innti, congabhsad tí indti. Imréid íar sin Indnia seach Slíabh Coguaist aníar, seach Ithiam, seach sruth Boriam, seach Sceithiam iartharaigh síar, do inbhear Mara Caisp... ...Doladar a tí na Cichloisgthe, fearaid catha co hilarda amail firu friu. meic Milidh lucht fichit long dia muinteir annsin ceithre ceinéla cethrachad gu Sceithía. (23)

II: English

Now Mil son of Bile tarried eight years in Egypt, and his people learned the principal arts there- Setga, Sobairce, and Surge learned craftsmanship, Mantan, Cicher and Fulman learned druidry. One remaining three, Goscen, Amorgen, and Donn were arbitrators and judges: the other three, Mil, Occe, and Ucce, were battle-conquerors...

...Now Pharoah had a daughter named Scota, and Mil asked for that maiden, and Pharoah gave her to him: and that Scota bore two sons to him, Amorgen Glungel and Eber their names. It is then that Alexander, king of the world, drove out that Pharaoh, for he was not submissive to him, and expelled him southward into southern Eithiopia...

... (Mil leaves) A great wind came upon them, which carried them eastward in the ocean, past India, past Cirord, past Golgardoma, past the estuary of the Ganges, to the island of Taprobane, and they landed therein. Thereafter they voyaged past India, past Mount Causacus from the west, past Ithia, past the river Boria, past western Scythia westward to the estuary of the Caspian Sea. ...They came into the land of the Amazons, who fought battles in multitudes like unto men with them. ...The sons of Mil left the crews of twenty ships of their people there, and forty-four companies to Scythia. (23)

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