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Irish Legends: The Book of Invasions: Excerpts Vol. II: Ancestors of the Gaedil

II: Gaelige
Is hí sein trá amser hi ro genari Gáedel Glass ótat Gáedil, ó Scotta ingen Foraind. Is úadi ainmnigtir :Scuitt: de Gáedelaib. Is é Gáedel Glass ro chum in nGáedilg as na dá bérla sechtmogat: it é inso a n-anmand-side, Betin, Scitin, etc. Unde poeta cecinit

Srú trá mac Esrú meic Gáidil, is é táisech do Gáidelaib Iud a Héigipt co ro báigead Foronn. Srú a mac .i. Éber Scott, batar iat tóesig na l-longse. Marb Srú dana fócétoir íar riachtain Scithía... ...Otchonaire imorro Nel Forand cona sluagaib do bádugh to an ro an isssind ferund cétna, ar ni bai uamun air and: ro forbair a cland a sil in nÉigipt iarsin corsat milidh mór-chalma a cland. (23)

II: English
Now that is the time when Gaedel Glas, [from whom are the Gaedil] was born, of Scota d. Pharaoh. From her are the Scots named. It is Gaedel Glas who fashioned the Gaelic language out of seventy two languages: these are their names, Bithynian, Scythian, etc. Unde poeta cecinit.

Now Sru s. Esru s. Gaedel, he it is who was chieftain of the Gaedil who went from Egypt until Pharaoh was drowned. Sru and his son Eber Scot, they were the chieftans of that expedition. Sru died immediately after reaching Scythia.... ...Now when Nel (Gaedel’s father) saw Pharoah with his hosts drowned in the Red Sea he remained upon the same estate, for he had no fear there; and his progeny and seed increased in Egypt thereafter, so that his progeny were warriors of great valor. (23)

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