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[Gort: Ivy Ogham]

Dames Vertes (The Green Ladies) Jadelaine (Green Lady) Vougeotes (Woodland Nymphs) Vertes Velles (Green Wishes) Verteclusses (Green Nails) Verdelettes, Vert-Ploumzouc (Green Women) Vertes Cuisses (Green Thighs) Hellebores, Martagons (Lilies) Damelis, Vergerettes (Little Orchards) Fröhn, Sauvagines, Wilden Fraülein (Wild Women) Fin ar C’hlec’h Iliav, Liérandines, Ilioù (Ivy Women) Raijonnes, Épervierres (Sparrow Hawks) Primulas (Primroses) Ancolines, Sûrettes (Southern Ones) Pervenchèvres (Periwinkles) Feuillantines, Sylviae, Fentha (Leafy Ones) Beladonnas, Guilledouces (Sweet Ones) Capucines (Green Hooded Ones) Nannidh (Daisies)

(pron. DAHM VAIR-T, NEEN-uh) Gaulish forest spirits who lure travelers to their death and are also great healers. Ivy symbolizes healing, protection, cooperation and exorcism. It is the tree of resurrection. They are called green ladies because they dress in green and are the guardians of the Spirit of the Green Kingdom. They emerge from flowers, moss, ferns, and leaves. They live at Thiérache and Avesoi. They are associated with the wind that smells of earth, death and mold. They breathe life into seeds, appear before fires in fields and orchards, heal with herbal ointments, tease travellers and lead men astray with passionate lovemaking. Their ogham on the tree calendar is Gort Eadhne’an Eiddew Ivy: The Second Harvest [30 September - 27 October. Gorm (blue)] Ivy ale is brewed. The last farmer to harvest his crops is given an ivy bound sheaf called the Ivy Girl, Harvest Bride or Harvest May. According to Pierre DuBois – Before becoming Nymphs, Dialen, Dives, Jounones or Artemis, the woodland Faeries and the Loving Greens were born from the same embryo of vegetable flesh still covered in sap and pollen, brought to life by the breath of dawn. The Green Lady of Clairfayts cries near the pond when someone is going drown. In Jack and the Green Lady she has a glittery pale green dress, green veil and lives in a grey castle with two giants with glittering eyes who represent the sun. The Green Lady of Caerphilly, Wales haunts ruined castles in her human form and often appears as ivy. She is the daughter of flora and light. She has green hair, a crown of ivy that reaches to her feet, and a green satin dress and girdle that protects. Her bread and wine that are always replenished. She lives by a ruined tower with lichen-covered stones, a cracked stone table and huge silver-grey beech tree. In Arthurian legend a rose-crystal ball in a green leather pouch is given by her to the goddess Vivian. It has the power of invisibility (77)
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