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Faery Places

Magh Imchiunn, Magh Ciuin (Plain of Gentleness) Uindomagos (Upperworld) Magh Mon (Plain of Sports) Ynys Môn (Plain of Arts) Inys Dywyll (Dark Isle) Clas Merddin (Merlin) Ynys y Cedairn (Isle of the Brave) Carentan, Carantomagos (Land of the Summer Stars)

Many-shaped Emne by the sea,
Whether it be near, whether it be far,
In which are many thousands of motley women,
Which the clear sea encircles.

If he has heard the voice of the music,
The chorus of the little birds from Imchiuin,
A small band of women will come from a height
To the plain of sport in which he is.

There will come happiness with health
To the land against which laughter peals,
Into Imchiuin at every season
Will come everlasting joy. (133)

(pron. MOY MOON, ø-nis moon) Has red flowers, dewdrops of silver flame and rivers of golden light. Merlin: Sea Fortress lives there in a Caer Emrys: Palace of the Nine, a Crystal Palace that shines like the sun called the Ambrosial City. His feast is considered one of the three greatest in Britain. Merlin writes Cad Goddeu: Husk of the Trees which explains the brewing of a supreme intoxicating clover-mead from the cauldron of five trees. He searchs for the magic red sea-snake’s egg called Glain Naddair: Adder Jewel-Stone, believed to have been created by covens of copulating serpents on Midsummer’s Eve and credited with protective and healing properties. (133)[Worlds List]

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