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Faery Places

Mag Argatné (Land of Silver Fleece) Magh Argetnel (Plain of Silver Clouds) Nemos, Nef, Neamh (Cloud Plain)

Splendours of every colour glisten
Throughout the gentle-voiced plains.
Joy is known, ranked around music,
In southern Mag Argatné

Unknown is wailing or treachery
In the familiar cultivated land,
There is nothing rough or harsh,
But sweet music striking on the ear.

Then if Aircthech is seen,
On which dragonstones and crystals drop
The sea washes the wave against the land,
Hair of crystal drops from its mane (160)

(pron. MOY ahr-GAHNT-NEHL) Trees with blossomed branches that grow in the Land of the Silver Fleece never wither. The deer have golden horns. It is a quiet land. Oirbsiú: Auberon: Golden One rules there with his feet clad in white bronze. St Eugenius: Gold uncle of Kevin. Oirbsiú is another name for Mannanán MacLir.[Worlds List] (133)
This is what Mananaun had brought from his own country, Silver-Cloud Plain: a branch of bright-red rowan berries. Whoever ate one of these rowan berries his hunger and his weariness left him in a moment. The berries were to be eaten by the players, Mananaun said, and not one of them was to be taken into the world of the mortals or the world of the Fairies – The Story of the Fairy Rowan Tree
Neart mara dhuit,
Neart talamh dhuit,
Neart nèimhe.

Mathas mara dhuit,
Mathas talamh dhuit,
Mathas nèimhe.

Power of sea be with you,
Power of land be with you,
Power of sky.

Goodness of sea be with you,
Goodness of land be with you,
Goodness of sky. – Alexander Carmichael: Carmina Gadelica

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