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Elphin ap Gwyddno, Elffin (Pure Element)

I will journey and reach the king’s gate
I will enter the king’s hall & sing my song.
I shall speak my speech to silence the king’s bards,
To great them all with mockery
And set them all at naught
Before their leader’s eyes.
I will free Elphin. – Taliesin.

God and son of the god Gwyddno. He is beautiful and fair. He rescued the re-incarnated Gwion Bach: Little Innocent from a leather bag thrown into the sea by the goddess Ceridwen: White Grain on May Eve and named him Taliésin: Radiant Brow He took care of him for 13 years. Elphin went to his uncle Maelgwn Gwynedd’s court during Christmastide and boasted that his wife was fairer than the kings and his poet Taliésin: Radiant Brow more skilled. He was locked up in a dark tower with silver chains on his wrists and ankles. After the feasting was over Maelgwn’s son Rhun: Red Alder was sent to the tower, went to Elphin’s house and cut off the finger of his serving maid who was pretending to be his wife. [Taliésin had warned the wife] Taliésin went to Maelgwn’s court and sat in a dark corner. When the twenty-four bards led by Heinin went past him he pouted his lips at them and made a foolish noise. The bards could not speak and could only pout their lips and make the noise. He called a storm to bring vengence and death and Elphin was freed. Elphin’s horse wins the castle race the next day with 24 twigs of holly. He is given a cauldron of gold. (75, 203)

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