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Kings: S

Sléibhín, Slébíne, Slevin (Mountain Man)
(pron. SLE-veen, sley-VEEN, SLAY-veen) St. Slebine was abbot of Iona in Scotland in the 8th C. (73, 80)

Smoit (Thought, Inspiration)
Welsh god. (75)

Strahan, Sruthan, Strachan (Little Stream) Sruthair, Struther (Brook)
God. (73)

Suamnach Mac Samguba (Drowsy Son of Summer)
(pron. SUAN-ach) A seer. Druim Suamaig: Suamach’s Ridge named after him. (60)

Sugyn ap Sugnedydd (Suck Son of Sucker)
Welsh broadchested god who can suck up the sea until it is dry. (73, 75)

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