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Sláinge Finn, Sláine Mac Dela Meic Lóch, Sloane (Health) Erc Mac Cairbré, Erth, Herygh, Urith (Trout Son of Soul Carrier)
(pron. SLAW-nyuh, SLAWN-chuh, ARK) God of creation who lives at Sliabh Slanga: Health Mountain / Slieve Donard: Dark Mountain, the highest of the Morne Mountains in Northern Ireland which overhangs the sea that flows between Ireland and Britain. He is King of the Isle of Man & is described as being an old man who is a little lame and wears a black cap. He tells the Knight of the Glen three stories at his palace. He stole three bags of gold from some witches in his youth and was pursued by the witches in the forms of: a greyhound, a hare & a hawk. He tried to hide in a tree and they changed into a piece of iron, anvil & hatchet and proceeded to destroy the tree. They were not done by sunrise and returned to their natural shape. He next decided to steal some jewelry a from a recently deceased Bishop’s funeral vault by night. His third adventure was at the forest of the one-eyed ogre who demanded a pie made of a young child. Sloan gave him one made of boar meat and part of his hip. At night he speared the giant’s eye but was not able to kill him. The blind giant went after him and was drowned in a pond. An old women at the storytelling reveals that she was the woman asked to make the pie and that the child is the Knight of the Glen. In his Firbolg incarnation, Sloane’s mother is Partholón: Shape of a Woman. He and his four brothers, Sengann-Monodar [¿ Sense of Oak? nuadarra: angry], Genann Gruaidhsolus Áilgenán [Bright Cheek], Imbrinn [Augery: Meath Navel Stone], Rudraige-Tinne [Fire], divided Ireland into five parts. Leinster from: Inber Colptha to Cumar dTrí nUisce: Waterford Harbor. His people are the Gálioin: Milk People. He is the very first high King of Ireland and ruled one year. Áilgenán ruled four years. There are a grand total of: 9 Firbolg Kings, 9 Dé Danann, and 89 Mílesian Kings in the history of Ireland. The last native king was in 1175 AD. The Well of Health is in County Sligo. Feast is December 2nd. Hereditary Family Names: Mac Eicc, o´ Hallinan. Inbher Sláine: Mouth of Health is where Saint Patrick landed in County Down, Northern Ireland. (58, 98)
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