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Kings: G

Grec, Greagagh (Grecian One)
Connacht warrior who rescued the god Cormac: Raven as a baby from a pack of wolves. (58)

Gusg ap Atheu, Gusg ap Achen (Son of Rebuke)
(pron. GUH-sg) God. gusg: hearty draught: gusgul: refuse, dirt, idle words, roaring (75)

Guthrie (Windy Place)

Gwadyn Odyeith (Sole from Above) Gwadyn Ossol (Sole from All)
(pron. GOO-ahd-uhn) Double god. Odyeith’s foot-soles emit sparks of fire when they strike things. Ossol can stomp mountains flat with his feet. gwadn: a base, a sole (73, 75)

Gwestad, Gwastad (Plain)
God. (73, 75)

Gwevyl ap Gwestad (Son of Plain)
(pron. GOO-EVL, GOO-EHSTAD) God with flexible lips. (73, 75)

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