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Kings: B

Bwlch ap Cleddy Kyvw, Bwlch ap Gleddyf Kvfwlch, Bwlch Y Saethu (Bull, Gap, Pass)
Solar God. A bull is a male cow, part of the bovine family. Bwlch y Ddeufaen is in North Wales, Bwlch Mountain in South Wales near Cardiff. He became an Arthurian Knight. Arthur was killed with arrows at Bwlch y Saethu pass in Snowdonia after a battle at Tregalen. When he fell, his men went to a cave called Ogof Lanciau Eryri where they had intended to wait until he came back. A shepherd gained entrance to the cave and saw them there.
White sacrificial bulls embody the Druidic oak god, killed at the moment when the sacred mistletoe is cut from the tree. The central shrine is Bury Saint Edmunds, and the taurine god himself was canonized Saint Edmund. The Presbytery of Dingwall recorded Tarbh-feis: bull sacrifices as late as the seventeenth century on the holy day of Diana in August, together with adoration of wells and holed stones, and other local shrines. The solar opposite is the Black Bull of Norroway. The Isle of Man is haunted by the Taroo-Ushtey or Water Bull. (6, 75. 207)

Bwla, bwla,
Saif yn flaena’,
Saf yn ol y wraig o’r Ty-fry,
Fyth nis godri ngwartheg i!

Bull, bull! Stand thou foremost.
Back! thou wife of the House up Hill:
Never shalt thou milk my cows.

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