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Kings: B

Blane, Blaine (Yellow, Lean)
(pron. BLAAN) Name of an important Scottish saint & Bishop of Kingarth in late 6th C.; several Scottish churches are named Kilblane in his honor. He can restore the dead to life and is the nephew of Cathan: Grain and Cattan: Grain Protector. His remains are buried on Ellan Voaid: the Island of Bute in Scotland. His church is on the same island in Glen Callum: Field of the Dove. His feast day is August 10th. (73, 126)

Drifting over the sea in a boat without oars/ thou wast directed by God to the Island of Bute, O Hierarch Blane,/ where thou didst devote thyself to apostolic labours./ O performer of miracles,/ thou art worthy to be praised as Equal to the Apostles./ Wherefore we beseech thee pray to Christ our God/ that He will raise up labourers to re-cultivate that northern part of His Vineyard,/ so long overgrown with the weeds of heresy and apostasy,/ which thou didst once tend with such care,/ that again many may be lead into the way of salvation. – –Troparion of St Blane tone 5

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