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Tabiti-Makosh, Tabitha (Great Goddess-Very Bright, Gazelle)
Slavonic Goddess of fire and beasts represented bearing a child. In Scythia-Sakas she is a half serpent with a raven on one side and a dog on the other. Her kurgan: Queen’s Tomb is in Pazyryk, Western Altai: Golden Mountains on the border between Siberia and Outer Mongolia. A rug with a border frieze depicts her holding the Tree of Life in one hand and raising the other in welcome. A horseman approaches her. On the perimeter of the trench are horse skeletons, shirts woven from hemp, inside the trench is the embalmed body of a man and a bronze cone-shaped cauldron filled with burnt marijuana seeds. It was discovered in 1929 by Professor S. I. Rudenko. The scythe is a moon-sickle used in mythical castrations of God and a Scythian weapon. It is assigned to the Grim Reaper.
 The Scythians’ frozen tombs are in Russia, Kazyktstan and the Eurasian plains. Their magicians are the Enaries, ancient transvestites who uttered prophecies in high pitched voices, had characteristics of both sexes and could travel between the two worlds. Valerius Flaccus in Argonautica, vi. 135 records the Agathyrsoi / Thyrsagetae of Transylvania worshiping the sun-god Apollo and the fire goddess Tabiti. (73, 226, 227)
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