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Rosmerta (Red-Glimmering One, Exceedingly Smeared One, Great Provider)
Smeared with sacrificial blood. Gaulish goddess of fire, warmth, fertility, wealth, and abundance. worshipped from France to Luxembourg. She is a flower queen and queen of death. She is depicted with a cornucopia and a sceptre with two snakes. In Mannheim, Germany she has a purse where a snake has laid its head. Her consort is the god Esus. On an altar found at Housesteads on the Roman Wall, she is using a plunger to turn milk into butter. The object beside her is very similar to the wooden churn with iron hoops still used on farms in northern England at the beginning of the 20th century. Her spring is at Gissey-la-veil, France. In Autun, Burgundy near the Saône River, Rosmerta is seated and holds a cornucopia while to the right, Mercury sits and holds a patera (a broad, shallow, saucerlike dish, used especially in making libations in ancient Rome). Rosmerta is shown by herself on a bronze statue from Fins d’Annency, where she sits on a rock holding a purse and bears the wings of Mercury on her head; A stone bas-relief from Escolives-Sainte-Camile she holds a patera and cornucopia. She also has a statue at Glanum, Provença. (64, 67, 140)
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