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River Goddesses
Alicantean: Alicante
Flesca: Garland: Glen Flesca
Hamaveae: Triple goddess of the Rhineland
Laha: Pyrénnées-Pirenèus, France.
Logia: Hollow: Lagan River
Mandika: Spain
Verbeia: River Wharfe, England
Matres Audrinae: Justices: Aude, Rhineland, goddesses of Justice.
Axona: Gain: Aisne, France. Tributary of the river Oise at Compiègne. Cities: Sainte-Menehould, Vouziers, Rethel, Soissons.
Matres Comedovae Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, Rhône-Alps-Ròse-Aups, France
Yonne:Yew: Tributary of the Seine to Paris. Its source is the Morvan hills near Château-Chinon. Cities along the river include Clamecy, Auxerre and Sens. Number: 89, Prefecture: Auxerre, Subprefecture: Avallon Sens: Ancient Apple
Souconna: Saône River, about 431 km (268 mi) long, rising in the Vosges Mountains. Begins in E France at Vioménil near Épinal, and flows SW past Gray, Chalon-sur-Saône, and Mâcon to join the Rhône-Ròse: Red Alder River at Lyons. Tributaries: Brevenne, Doubs, Ouche, Reyssouze, Tille. Paris to Marseilles, connected by canals to the Moselle, Marne, Yonne, and Loire. Festival: June 24-26 & July 8-10, at Chalon-sur-Saône (45, 24, 64, 73, 77, 229)
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