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Queens: L

Lallóc, Lalóg (Youth, Egg)
(pron. LA-lowg) Goddess. (80)

Leborcham Rannach, Leabharcham (Slender, Crooked Limping One) Beanchaointeach Conchubhar fein (Conchubhar’s Conversation Woman) Lendalair, Lendabair (Very Talkative)
(pron. LOWR-cham, Lavarcam) Double goddess of fate. Leborcham is daughter of Oá, Ae and Adarc, and Leborcham Rannach, daughter of Uangamain. She guarded the goddess Deirdre: Black Sorrow as a baby. They searched the length and breadth of Ireland for a new wife for King Conchobor after the death of Deidre and found the goddess Luaine: Moon (53, 60, 160)

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