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Queens: L

Lévénez (Happiness)
(pron. lay-VAY-nayz) Rodez capital of the Rouergue, lies in the center of a triangle formed by Toulouse [Visigoths overran], Montpellier and Clermont-Ferran. The Ruthénois or Rutenes are good-looking, fair-haired Gaulish people who settled in the oppidum. Estivada folklore festival of Occitania, where there is a cultural revival in the streets and halls in Rodez. Her sacred stone is the Menhir de Stang Levenez at Trégourez. Feast day is Nov. 3. (71)

Lonnóg (Bold, Eager)
(pron lun-OWG) Goddess. (80)

Lot, Lotte, Charlotte (Wound)
Fomorian Goddess who is mother of Cichol Gricenchos. She has bloated lips on her breast, four eyes in her back, and is a great fighter. In Goethe’s The Sorrows of Werther, Albert marries Charlotte Buff called “Lotte’ in the novel, with whom Goethe as Werthe was in love. (209)

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