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Queens: K

Kymidei Kymeinvoll, Kymideu Kymeinvoll, Cymidei Cyneinfoll (Interwoven Communion, Sacrament)
(pron. KEEM-ud-day KEEM-een-vol) Giantess goddess of sex who lives under The Lake of the Cauldron, Ireland with her giantess husband Llasar Llaes Gyfnewid who is described as being half her size. They are the keepers of the Cauldron of Regeneration, into which they throw dead warriors who come back to life mute. She is described as having foul breath, and gives birth to a fully grown and armed warrior every six weeks. The god Mallolwych got her drunk and tried to burn her and her husband alive inside an iron house. She escaped with Llasar and they sailed to Wales in the cauldron of regeneration which they gave back to Brân: Raven. Their son Llasar is one of the Seith Marchawg: Seven Horsemen who protects Wales before being murdered by invader Cassubellaunos, (52, 71, 266)
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