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Queens: F

Flidais (Stag-Mistress) Adammair Flidaise Foltchain (Flidais the Queen)
(pron. FLEE-daws) Irish goddess of the wilderness. She roams the earth in a chariot drawn by supernatural deer. Her seg: wild deer are milked and give milk to many. She milks them each 7th day. Her cow can give milk to 300 people at 1 night’s milking. She has immense sexual power and can heal wounds. Her daughters with Conoran Dé Danaan are: Ffland: Lake Maiden, Iarnach: Smooth Beaten Iron, Caevo’g, and Iaran: Iron. Fergus: Virility is her consort and he returns to Connacht from her Kerry palace with Aillil Finn: Ailill the Fair-Haired Mac Magach near the Ford of Fena laden with gifts. Aillil Finn’s son is Muiretach Menn. Her Kerry: Red Palace at Castlereigh, County Roscommon, Ireland is laden with gold and silver, has vats of ale, drinking horns, goblets, and glowing robes of many colors. It also has 3000 sheep, 3000 swine, 3000 little cattle, 100 milk cows, and 140 (7 score) oxen. The wife of Adammair: Red Earth, the son of Fer Cuirp. Nia Segamain: Deer Treasure is their son. (47, 50, 252)
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