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Death Omens 7

Amadán Mór, Amada Mór (Great Fool, Fool of the Forth) Amadán na Bruidne, Omadawn (Fool of the Food)

Can cripple, disfigure, or kill humans with his touch. The touch can be counteracted by praying. Amadán also means food. (31)
A nephew of Arthur: Bear and the hero of the Irish romance Eachtra An Amada Mór. Because his brothers were killed for plotting against Arthur, he was raised in obscurity in the woods. When he grew up he became a mighty warrior, defeating Gawain: White Hawk, the Purple Knight, the Red Knight, & the Speckled Knight. (6) In The Well of D’yeree in Dowan: The End of the World: Art: Bear, son of the King of Connacht at Bwee-sounee: Yellow Grain Fire tells his brother Nart: Strength their brother Cart: Right is percieved by their father as having nothing in him but half an omadawn. Art plots to get his brother drunk, instead of killing him as Nart: Strength suggested, taking the well-water Cart retrieved from the End of the World the Dall Glic: Wise Blind Man instructed to heal their father’s hurt foot, and presenting it as their journey so their youngest brother will not inherit the kingdom. The King of Connacht tells the Queen of the Well of D’yeree an Dowan, who is looking for the father of her son conceived during the time of the journey, that Cart: Right could not possibly be the father. It’s a half fool he is, that never left home. Cart goes up the ladder the queen makes from 2 hairs of her head that tests for paternity like a cat. Cart returns to live with the Queen for 21 years & when she dies he brings back his 12 sons from whom the 12 tribes of Galway are descended. (11: 2)
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